Saturday, October 14, 2006

Silver City Sun-News

"Local Artsts Work is No Illusion."
SILVER CITY — The "Illusions of Integrity," an exhibit featuring sculptures and pinhole photography by artist Kim Henkel, is on display at the Western New Mexico University McCray Art Gallery through Sept. 29.
Henkel, a visiting professor at WNMU, has been working with sculptures since 1991 and pinhole photography since 1999.
"I really enjoy being in Silver City and am enjoying all the great feedback I am getting from the community about my exhibit," Henkel said.
Henkel exhibits her artwork actively in Arizona and New Mexico and has participated in more than 16 exhibitions since 2003, including at least five solo exhibitions. Henkel is also exhibiting installations of her work in galleries in Flagstaff, Albuquerque and Phoenix. She is preparing for another large solo exhibit at Highlands University in Las Vegas, N.M., in October immediately after the WNMU exhibit. The exhibit features an installation using black lights and the back two galleries are filled with more than 100 pinhole photographs, some of which are printed using the Van Dyke process, and over 30 cast sculptures in iron, bronze and aluminum. "One of the most unique things about Illusions of Integrity' is the process the
sculptures are made by: digging my hands in wet clay and then pouring the sculpture materials into the negative space," Henkel said. "The pinhole photographs are all images of the sculptures ambiguously blending into the landscape. The handmade pinhole camera obscura gives the images an historical and authentic feel."
All items on display in the gallery are for sale. Admission to the exhibit is free and everyone is encouraged to come see Henkel's art work.
For more information, contact the McCray Art Gallery at 538-6517 or Kim Henkel at or (480) 518-0713.
If you go
-The "Illusions of Integrity" exhibit on display at the McCray Art Gallery is open to the public on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 12:30 to 4:30 p.m. or by appointment.
-The closing reception will be on Sept. 29 from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. Everyone is welcome.